A little about us.

Claiming Neptune is a 5-piece alt/indie rock band from planet earth...the Austin, TX part of it. Ours is a smooth and groovy sound...reminiscent of the 90s, but modern...with sultry female vocals, thumptastic basslines, and atmospheric/bluesy guitar work. We blend elements of alternative, folk, progressive, and hard rock with sometimes folky, and other times rockin,’ riffs. The band started in September 2014 with the idea of making folk music, but as the lineup solidified, the sound took on a life of its own—a progression documented in our debut record In Times of Change, released in March 2016 (available at our shows and at finer record stores in Austin, TX such as Waterloo and Antone's...also on iTunes, Spotify, etc.).

In Times of Change was recorded in the summer of 2015 at Austin to Boston Recording Co. with producer/engineer Mark Donovan (Malford Milligan Band, Buddy Miles).

Band members are Robert "Jynxmaster Flash" Jenkins (guitar), Jean Loustaunau (drums), Adam "Big Sexy" Barone (bass & keys), Lisa "L-Breezy" Borjon (vocals), and Derrick "D" Yeoman (guitar).

Lisa Borjon (singer/reluctant diva/voice of the stars) says, "Grateful for my bandmates! My biggest mission is to make some dope tunes and ride the wave wherever it takes us."

Lisa’s earliest musical influences began with what her parents grew up listening to from the 80s and 90s. “My parents were fairly young compared to other parents, so I felt like they were still pretty hip.” She also remembers being inspired by what her older brothers were listening to—classic rock like: AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, etc. “During football season, I get pretty much wrapped up in cheering for my team, the San Francisco 49ers!” Lisa was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, and moved to Austin just after her 13th birthday. “I love it here!”  

Derrick Yeoman (guitarist/David Gilmour's long lost brother) says, "I seriously don't know what I would do without music, and I feel extremely grateful to be a part of the Neptune family."

“Growing up, my parents always had the radio tuned to oldies or country, and three older brothers kept me listening to what was current with Top 40. Recently, I’ve been listening to bands such as Interpol, Remy Zero, and Best Coast, but I still love to jam to the oldies.” After playing for nearly 13 years in a band with his brother, they decided to disband. “I sold most of my gear and quit playing music until a few later when my friend Robert Jenkins convinced me to start jamming with him.” Derrick is usually with his wife Janice and two kids in his free time. He was born and raised in Taylor, Texas, where he currently still resides.

Robert Jenkins (guitarist aka "Jynxmaster Flash") says, "This band is going to be the death of me."

Robert’s favorite bands growing up were early 90s hip-hop and R&B acts like Bone Thugs N Harmony, John B, TLC, SWV, Brandy, and Monica. He always enjoyed rock ‘n’ roll, too, but the idea of playing guitar never occurred to him until one day he picked up a Guitar Hero controller. “Playing along to Silver Sun Pickups’ Lazy Eye was what made me want to pick up a real guitar.” He went on to discover “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, which ignited his taste for more rootsy type of rock ‘n’ roll like Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer and Chuck Berry. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Robert loves sports of all kinds, especially football and basketball. He hopes one day to get to meet Kobe Bryant and play a little one-on-one.

Jean Loustaunau (drums) says, "I just love to play the drums, man! Oh, and when we gettin' paid?! lol"

“I developed a strong appreciation for a wide variety of music during my days studying drums/percussion at a music school in NYC. I'm from Connecticut and just love groovin' it out here in Austin, where I've been since 2016!" 

Adam Barone (bassist/surprise keyboardist) says, "The first piece of furniture in my new apartment was my bass cabinet.  Being on the road and living abroad was a great experience, but I missed America and her music. I'm glad I found these guys."

“My all-time favorite band is Pink Floyd, but I also have a lot of love for artists like Faith No More, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Gov’t Mule, Led Zeppelin, Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, Sublime, Ice Cube and a bunch of G-Funk rap/hip-hop acts.” Adam is from Cedarville, Ohio and spent his college years in Anderson, Indiana. Since then, he’s lived in New Hampshire, Boston, and Mexico—the last of which he settled down in after spending nine months travelling the Americas by motorcycle. “My original plan was to ride around the world, but I met a girl in Mexico City…and that kind of changed up my plans!” He’s lived in Austin, Texas since September, 2014.