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First wave of new recordings - almost done!!

Hey ya'll!! A little update here from the Neptune lair!

Since early 2018, we've been hard at work recording and perfecting the first five songs that we will be putting out there in the coming months of 2018. We're super excited to share them all with you as our new stuff represents an awesome evolution (we feel) our style has underwent in the last couple years. We're still Claiming Neptune, but our smooth and groovy sensibility has been amplified by the addition of Jean on drums back in early well as the continued individual improvement and gelling of the rest our 5-piece unit. As you might imagine, it's hasn't always bubblegum and rainbows as far as keeping a band moving forward and moving together. There have been ebbs and flows...good times and challenging times, but we've all been very fortunate to have avoided a lot of the pitfalls that can lead to bands not making! Over our 3-plus years together, we've had lots of job changes and life changes....heck, Lisa is 3 1/2 months preggers right now (with her bf Aaron...our #1 fan!).

We're extremely grateful to be in the position we're now in. We hope you love where we're going as much as we do!! Hopefully we'll see you soon at a show!

Rock on!

- Lisa, Derrick, Robert, Adam and Jean

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